This broad skill covers a range of athletic activities useful to adventuring characters - including climbing, jumping, and swimming.


This allows a character to perform a variety of gymnastic and balancing tasks such as tumbling, walking a tightrope, or keeping balance on a narrow or unstable ledge. The character can move at half his normal speed across an unstable surface without penalty. To move at a normal rate requires an acrobatics test. A successful acrobatics test will also halve the damage suffered from falling.

Brute Force

Brute force is a particular application of Athletics that relies purely on power, with no finesse involved. Brute force basically involves pushing, lifting, or dragging.


Given enough hand and footholds, a character can climb any surface given enough time without the need for a test. Under normal circumstances a character can climb or descend one quarter of their movement per combat round (see chapter 5 for more details). A character can double the rate of his climb or descent by making a hard Athletics test.


In general, a successful Athletics test allows a character to jump up to twice his own height horizontally, or up to half his own height vertically - so long as he has at least four metres to run first. If he is making a standing jump these distances are halved. Penalties for jumping Athletics tests can be accrued by trying to jump further. A cumulative -25% penalty is bestowed for every extra metre the character is trying to jump. If this penalty reduces the skill below 0% the jump is impossible - even on a critical.


Characters normally swim at half their usual movement. Athletics tests are only required when conditions are less than ideal - swimming while heavily encumbered or in strong currents for example.

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