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Casting Time (Special)

A charm is a physical item that stores one or more magic spells. A charm could be a necklace that holds a Befuddle spell, a sword etched with runes that holds a Weapon Enhance 2 spell, or even a sheet of paper with a poem written on it that, when held against the skin, provides a Protection 1 spell.

  • To create a charm a character must possess both the spell they wish to store and Create Charm at the same magnitude.
  • The item into which the charm is to be cast must be prepared and in contact with the caster for the length of the casting.
  • If the caster spends one improvement point at the time of creation, the spell within the charm is reusable. Otherwise, the item must be re-enchanted after a single use.
  • A spell stored in a charm is used like any other spell that the possessor knows. It uses the wielder's Innate Casting skill and is powered by the wielder's own magic points.
  • The time taken to create a single-use charm is one hour per point of magnitude of the spell being stored. Reusable charms take three hours per point of magnitude to create.

Charms are mundane items in their own right and if the item is broken the Charm is dispelled.

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