Create Magic Point Store

Innate Spell


This spell allows the caster to create an item which has magic point storing capabilities. These allow the owner to have a pool of magic points in addition to their own.

Typically crystals mounted atop staves are used due to their physical toughness (in game terms treat these crystals as unbreakable). This also applies to charms, such as a sword with Weapon Enhance 2 stored in it, to provide a pool of magic points to cast the spell from.

Magic point stores take one hour per magic point stored in them to create. The caster must fill the item with their own magic points as part of the spell. The amount of magic points put into the item at the time of casting becomes the maximum that can be put into the item and cannot be increased after the spell is cast. Unless one improvement point is spent when they are created they are non-reusable (i.e. once the magic points are used the item loses its ability to store magic points). If the improvement point is paid the item then becomes reusable and once all the magic points are used, the item can be refilled instantly from the user's own magic points.

If the item is destroyed the magic points are released harmlessly into the surrounding area.

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