Create Potion

Innate Spell


Potions are liquids that store one or more magic spells. The magnitude of the Create Potion spell needs to equal or exceed the highest magnitude of the spell being stored into the potion.

  • All potions are one use. They must be drunk in one swift gulp to work.
  • The potion automatically works and doesn't incur a cost in magic points to the person who is drinking the potion.
  • The potion costs the enchanter magic points. They must know the spell at the magnitude they are enchanting it at, with the magic points of the spell being put into the potion.
  • There is an associated cost of 50 BV (in ingredients etc.) per magnitude.
  • To make the potion, the enchanter must roll successfully against their Innate Casting skill for each spell being placed in the potion and against Lore (Potion Making). If they fail the potion is ruined and they lose the cost of the ingredients.

Potions take one hour per point of magnitude of spell(s) stored to create. It must be stored in an airtight container or it evaporates losing one point of magnitude per week.

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