Garad Mathgar (Mathgar Ruins)

Somewhere within the northern eaves of the Bleakwood lie the ruins of Garad Mathgar - an ancient stone fortress that once stood watch upon the borders of the elven lands. In these latter days, nought but a few crumbling stones remain of its towers and thick curtain wall, for it was largely destroyed in the great wars of the North many centuries ago - when the forces of the enemy overrun much of what is now the Northern Kingdom.

Indeed, that which still stands has long been ravaged by the passage of time, so that few could discern its whereabouts were it not for the old keep that still stands atop the hill about which the fortress was built. Yet few have ventured within its moss-covered walls, for the keep has an ill name in these latter days - its halls rumoured to be filled with the restless spirits of the fallen warriors that once served upon its walls.

Copyright © Kristian Richards 2012