Sorcery Spell

This spell causes a glowing point of light to appear on a solid substance. At its base, the spell creates an area of light one metre in radius, giving off the same illumination as a candle. Each additional point of magnitude increases the radius of effect by one metre. At magnitude 3, the brightness of the spell increases to that of a flaming brand at its centre. At magnitude 5 it increases to that of a campfire, and at magnitude 9 to that of a bonfire.

This spell can be cast on an opponent's eyes. If cast on a living being the spell also gains the Resist (Dodge) trait. If the target fails to resist it, he will suffer a penalty to all attack, parry, and dodge tests (as well as any skills relying upon vision) equal to five times the spell's magnitude, until the spell ends or is dispelled.

Copyright © Kristian Richards 2012