Hinder Skill (x)

Innate Spell

Duration 5


Resist (Persistence)

Like Enhance Skill (x), this is a number of different spells, each of which affects a different skill. For each point of magnitude of the spell, the target gains a -10% penalty to any skill test using the affected skill.

Alternatively, for each additional point of magnitude of the spell, the caster can affect one more target. The penalties and targets can be split as necessary providing each penalty is a multiple of 10%, and that the total penalties equal the spell's magnitude x 10%. If used in this way, each target is affected separately, i.e. if one target succeeds on resisting the spell, other targets may fail and be affected.

Some common spells of this type are Hinder Skill (Perception) which is often used when stealth is an issue, or Hinder Skill (Persistence) which is useful to cast on other magic users prior to casting spells upon them.

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