Language (Own)


The Language skill is actually several separate skills grouped under a single heading. Language (Elvish), Language (Dwarvish), and Language (Bestial), for example, are all individual skills.

Every character with a Language skill of 50% or more is fluent in that language, although they are likely to have an accent if it is not their native tongue. A score in a Language skill of 80% or more will mean the character can also read and write in that language.

The default languages are as follows:


The language of the Elves. Elvish is the common speech of the civilised world, and as such every character gains an additional +20% bonus to this skill (even if it is their own language).

High Elvish

This is the ancient tongue of the Elves. It is rarely used nowadays and remains only as a language of lore.


This is the secret language of the Dwarves. As such few non-dwarves have ever mastered it.


The language of Men.


Being the language of the Enemy, few of the free peoples have ever learned it. It is a crude and guttural tongue with no written form.

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