Lesser Dragon
STR 40 Hit Points 35 Close N/A
CON 20 Major Wound 18 Ranged N/A
DEX 17 Damage Mod. 4d6 Unarmed 87%
SIZ 50 Magic Pts. 20 RESISTANCES
INT 21 Movement 14m Dodge 27%
POW 20 Armour Worn Natural Persistence 80%
CHA 13 Armour Points 8 Resilience 70%
Athletics 77% Cilture (own) 56% Innate 70%
Influence 83% Language (own) 81% Sorcery 71%
Perception 71% Nature Lore 61%
Innate Spells Befuddle, Countermagic 6, Demoralise, Dispel Magic 6, Mind Speech 6
Sorcery Spells Dominate, Palsy
Weapon Type Damage Range Size
Bite N/A 1d10 (+4d6) N/A N/A
Claw N/A 1d8 (+4d6) N/A N/A
Tail N/A 1d12 (+4d6) N/A N/A


A dragon can make either a single tail attack, or two claw attacks, or one bite attack in a combat round.

Breathe Flame

The Dragon may breathe flame over an area as a standard action. The flame will cover a cone in front of the Dragon, which stretches for its POW in metres. At its furthest extent, the cone is equal to the creature's POW in width.

Any creature caught in the flame suffers 4d6 fire damage, though on a successful Dodge roll a character may dive for cover to halve this damage and AP counts as normal.

A Dragon may only breathe flame once per hour. Further attempts to breathe flame within this time period require the creature to make a Resilience test, with a cumulative -25% penalty for every attempt.

Special Rules

All Dragons have night sight and are considered to be Fearsome II creatures.

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