Sorcery Spell

This spell creates an illusion based on all five senses. The illusion will seem real and solid unless the person looking at it succeeds in a Perception test - which is subject to a modifier based on the magnitude of the spell. If the viewer succeeds in a Perception test and the illusion could usually cause damage if believed in, it can no longer cause damage to that character. As soon as a viewer disbelieves the illusion it becomes insubstantial and ghostlike to him.

The size of the illusion is also governed by the magnitude. A magnitude 1 illusion can quite happily create small household items, say a fake table and chair, but would not be able to create an illusion of a fire breathing dragon.

Magnitude Perception Modifier Type Of Illusion
1 +50 % Not capable of motion or causing damage. Slightly fuzzy and unreal around the edges. Limit of SIZ 10.
2 +25% Some minor discrepancies. Capable of motion, but not of damage. Limit of SIZ 15.
3 0 Capable of motion and causing damage. Limit of SIZ 20.
4 -25% Capable of motion and causing damage. Limit of SIZ 30.
5 -50% Indistinguishable from the real thing, capable of motion and damage. Limit of SIZ 40.
+1 -50% +10 SIZ per Magnitude.
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