Mystic Vision

Sorcery Spell


This spell allows the recipient to literally see magic. By augmenting the recipient's natural vision, the spell allows him to see a creature's magic points, as well as enchanted items with their own magic points or spells. The recipient must be able to actually see the creature or object for this spell to work. Mystic Vision also allows the recipient to see into the spirit world - thus revealing any invisible entities.

On a normal success the recipient of the spell will only know roughly how many magic points an object or creature has (1–10, 11–20, 21–30 and so forth). On a critical they will know exactly. On a fumble the Game Master should give the player a misleading total.

By looking at a spell effect, a recipient of Mystic Vision will automatically be aware of its magical origin (i.e. innate magic or sorcery). By increasing the magnitude of Mystic Vision, the caster can learn more about what he is seeing. Compare the magnitude of Mystic Vision to the magnitude of any spell that the target is either casting or under the influence of. As long as Mystic Vision's magnitude exceeds that of the other spell, the caster will be able to precisely determine the effects of the perceived spell, and a mental image of who cast the spell (if it is not obvious).

By looking at an enchanted item, a recipient of Mystic Vision will automatically be aware of its gross magical effects (such as the types of enchantment currently on the item). Each additional point of magnitude of Mystic Vision will also determine either the power (i.e. magnitude) of one of those enchantments, or a particular condition laid upon the enchantment itself (the Game Master's choice).

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