Nature Lore


Broadly speaking this Lore deals with the character's knowledge of the natural world. It can be broken into five specialist areas:


This covers the ability to recognise an animal, know its feeding habits, breeding cycle, habitats, and so on. A character with a skill of at least 50% may try to domesticate a wild animal, making a skill test after every full week of training. If the character also has a Riding skill of at least 50% and the animal is capable of being ridden, he may train the animal to ride during this period. The character may later train the animal not to panic in battle and to strike at his enemies. This takes a further period of training, with the character making a skill test at the end of each week to succeed.


A character can identify plants in the wild, discover good places to grow crops, decide which plants are edible, and what unusual properties they may possess.


This skill allows the character to identify precious metals and stones, detect fault lines, and other dangerous features in the rock.


One Survival test will be required every day that a character lacks either food, water, or a safe place to sleep. Success indicates the character manages to find whatever he is lacking - failure means he will go without - which, over several days, could result in very serious consequences. Survival tests are not used when the character is in a village or town. Survival also covers tracking in the wilderness. With this skill a character can locate the tracks of a specific creature and follow them. A test must be made to locate the trail and then again every ten minutes they are being followed.


The character can predict changes in the weather.

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