Neutralise Magic

Sorcery Spell


This spell allows a caster to neutralise other spells. Neutralise Magic will eliminate a combined magnitude of spells equal to its own magnitude, starting with the most powerful affecting the target. If it fails to eliminate the most powerful spell then it will instead target the second-most powerful spell. As soon as Neutralise Magic can no longer dismiss a target's spells (because all the remaining spell's magnitudes are too high), its effects immediately end.

Note that a spell cannot be partially eliminated, so a target under the effects of a spell whose magnitude is higher than that of Neutralise Magic will not have that particular spell altered in any way.

Neutralise Magic can be cast as a reaction, but only when another spell is cast within Neutralise Magic's range that the character wishes to counter. A successful Neutralise Magic disrupts the other spell and nullifies it so long as Neutralise Magic's magnitude equals or exceeds the target spell's magnitude.

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