Protective Sphere

Sorcery Spell

When completed, the Protective Sphere will create a sphere-shaped area of protection with a radius in metres equal to the spell's magnitude. If this spell is cast on the ground (or other immovable place) it cannot be moved. If cast on a vehicle (such as the bed of a wagon) or a person, it will move with the target. After the sphere has been completed any (or all) of the following spells can be added to provide the defensive capacities of the sphere: Damage Resistance, Spell Resistance, and/or Spirit Resistance (note that the sphere on its own provides no protection - that is down to the resistance spells).

The Protective Sphere's perimeter contains the benefits of its combined resistance spells. The Protective Sphere only inhibits spells or attacks entering the circle from the outside - attacks or spells originating within the circle are unaffected. Thus a Protective Sphere against spirits would block out outside spirits but have no effect on those already inside its perimeter. Similarly, a Protective Sphere against damage or spells would block out incoming attacks/spells, but have no effect on those made within the sphere (including attacks targeting those outside the sphere).

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