Difficulty Modifiers

Difficulty Skill Modifier What the modifier means
Easy +50% The task is much easier than usual and the character should have an almost certain chance of success.
Simple +25% The task is simpler than usual and, while success is still by no means certain, the character has a boost to their chance of success as a result.
Normal N/A The skill is unmodified since normal conditions apply.
Difficult -25% The PC is significantly hindered in their chance of success.
Hard -50% The character suffers a serious set back that may make success beyond their reach.

Opposed Skill Test Results

Opponent Critical Opponent Success Opponent Failure Opponent Fumble
Player Critical Highest Roll Wins Player Wins Player Wins Player Wins
Player Success Opponent Wins Highest Roll Winst Player Wins Player Wins
Player Failure Opponent Wins Opponent Wins Lowest Roll Wins Player Wins
Player Fumble Opponent Wins Opponent Wins Opponent Wins Both Fumble

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