Tap (characteristic)

Sorcery Spell


Resist (Persistence)


There are actually seven Tap spells, one for each characteristic. These devastating spells allow the caster to permanently strip a target of characteristic points, transforming them into magic points for his own use.

The caster must make physical contact with the target in order to tap it - therefore the spell cannot be used on incorporeal creatures, such as spirits. Tap will only work if its magnitude is equal to or greater than the target's specified characteristic. Thus a magnitude 6 Tap Strength spell would only work on targets with a STR of 6 or lower. The number of points tapped by the spell are equal to 1d6 per combat round.

Characteristic points lost to Tap are lost permanently, though the victim can raise them again through normal means of increasing a characteristic. Characteristics may be tapped to 0 which usually involves the death of the victim. The exception being Charisma.

For each characteristic point the sorcerer taps, he will gain one magic point. The sorcerer is limited in the number of magic points he can gain through Tap; the spell can only increase his magic points to double his normal limit. A sorcerer may simply tap a target and dissipate any gained magic points.

If the sorcerer gains more magic points through Tap than his normal maximum, they will disappear at the rate of one magic point per minute once the spell finishes.

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